Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cute Puppies
Rescuing dogs has been a passion of mine for sometime. I have rescued five dogs and each one has had a different personality. Pictured below are my three babies. All of these are puppy mill rescues. That means before they were rescued they lived in a small cage their entire life. They existed for only one reason and that was to make puppies. They never were let out of their cages and the only interaction they had with people was not positive. Their baths consisted of getting sprayed down with a pressure washer. It's very sad what they had to go through. Now, they have soft beds and can run around the house. They still don't like grass very much but love to be outside on the deck. They are happy and give lots of kisses.

Barbie the Silky Terrier

Tanner the Sheltie

Robbin the Pom mix


  1. Cute puppies. Which one plays with the monkey??

    1. Thanks Stacy,
      Robbin is the only one that plays with toys. The other two are afraid of them. It's kind of funny because she'll stash them in all of the dog beds and I have to take them out so the other dogs can sleep. They won't get in a doggy bed if a toy is there. I think Robbin thinks the toys are her babies.

  2. They're all so cute but I love that picture of Robbin lol

    I've rescued almost all of my pets. One was from a show kennel. She was absolutely gorgeous but they left her outside in the kennels from when she was a puppy - then got upset when she was too scared to show. IT took us a month to be able to get her to take a walk down the street.

    You've done a good thing for those dogs :-)

    1. Thank you Karen.
      It's wonderful that you rescued all your furbabies. I can't imagine leaving a puppy outside all the time. It's great that you were able to get her to go for walks. You're a great doggy mommy.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Ahhh, they are so cute and you are wonderful to take them in and spend the time caring for them. They're just like family. I wish you could go with me to Dog Days in June. :) Everyone's bringing a pet. I'm just bringing wolf books that have Irish Wolfhounds as pets. :) After I lost my last dog, I haven't had the heart to take another in. When I'm not traveling as much, I probably will.

    1. Terry,
      Thanks so much. Yes, they are my furry family.
      Dog Days sounds like a lot of fun. You can bring your stuffed Jaguar too. I don't blame you about it being hard to get another dog after one dying. It's super hard. Loosing a pet is so sad.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.