Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Ways to volunteer at an animal rescue or shelter when you have littleor no time

We fostered Barbie and decided to adopt her. 
Ways to volunteer at an animal rescue or shelter when you have little or no time.
Many of us want to help out animals but if you work and have children that leaves little or no spare time. Here are five ways you could help out your community rescue.

1.     Share facebook posts. You probably follow a rescue or two, why not share a post of an available animal? You never know, maybe one of your friends may be looking for that special pet. If you’re worried about clogging your wall up with animals looking for a home, just share one or two a week.

2.     Print out flyers from rescue websites and pin them to community bulletin boards. Many of the rescue’s websites have a feature where you can print out flyers of the animals available. Just print out a couple and pin them to community bulletin boards at work, pet stores, vet offices, and supermarkets.

3.     Donate extra supplies. Old towels, blankets, cages, and toys are great. If you can swing it, how about picking up an extra pack of puppy pads or paper towels the next time you're out shopping?

4.     Dog walkers. Many of the people who foster have multiple animals and could use the help. The dogs also get socialized with other people. It’s a win-win situation.

5.     Fostering. This one seems scary but is most rewarding. For every animal that is fostered it saves a life. Opening your home to a homeless animal is the best feeling. These animals have had a rough past and appreciate the love and care you can give them.

So now you have no excuse. Go out there and help out an animal rescue or shelter.