Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween DIY Decorations

This year I decided to create some Halloween decorations that I saw on Pinterest.
My first project was a haunted dollhouse I saw on this website---> DIY haunted dollhouse
 Here is my after picture. I spray painted it and highlighted with purple and orange acrylic paint.
This is the before picture. I purchased this dollhouse on Craig's list.

My next project was a crystal ball. I saw the instructions on this website click to see--> DIY Crystal Ball
Since I didn't have a Pottery Barn Cloche (I didn't even know what that was) I improvised with a light globe that I found on ebay and a candlestick holder.
It turned out pretty cool.

How about you? Please share any crafts you made this year.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Scully and Spaz the skeletons

Leave two skeletons home and look at the trouble they cause.
Spaz and Scully had fun taking pictures of each other. 
Spaz on the toilet. 

Here they are climbing on the house.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chalvaren Rising will be released soon!

The release day for Paula Millhouse's new novel Chalvaren Rising should be any day now. If you like dragons with a personality this story is packed with them. I absolutely loved this book. Mia and Kort have great sexual tension while they are trying to save Chalvaren. Magnus the dragon is adorable even though he can eat you for lunch. The villain is one whacked out elf who takes evil to a whole new level. 

Paula Millhouse Goodreads Link

With the love of Kort, Chalvaren’s warrior-prince heir, Mia Ansgar will seize her birthright and become the great dragon-riding wizardess prophesied to free that elven kingdom from her embittered sorceress kin.

The cover is so beautiful. 

 Here's the book trailer.

     Twenty-five years ago, Theo Ansgar abandoned the Kingdom of Chalvaren for a hiding place on another world. Some called him traitor. Some, thief. Now his fully grown daughter Mia must return to the land of her birth…and their war.
     It was the elf prince Kort Elias who brought her back. Theirs was an instant connection, an inescapable union of body, soul and sorcery, reminding Mia of what she truly is, and what she must become. There is also Magnus, destined to be more potent than any wyrm Chalvaren has ever seen, a three-day-old dragonlet Mia must nurture and then ride. And then there is the Dragonstone, an artifact of power nonpareil. Joined, they can tip the scales of battle against the wraith-possessed forces of darkness, of Mia’s own embittered kin.
     Redemption will be offered, the protected will become the protector, and an ancient prophecy will come to fruition, but only righteous love can conquer all.

Here is the link to preorder.

Chalvaren Rising

Here is the link for the first book which is also awesome!
Click here for
Dragonstone at Amazon

So what are you waiting for? These books are great. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Ways to volunteer at an animal rescue or shelter when you have littleor no time

We fostered Barbie and decided to adopt her. 
Ways to volunteer at an animal rescue or shelter when you have little or no time.
Many of us want to help out animals but if you work and have children that leaves little or no spare time. Here are five ways you could help out your community rescue.

1.     Share facebook posts. You probably follow a rescue or two, why not share a post of an available animal? You never know, maybe one of your friends may be looking for that special pet. If you’re worried about clogging your wall up with animals looking for a home, just share one or two a week.

2.     Print out flyers from rescue websites and pin them to community bulletin boards. Many of the rescue’s websites have a feature where you can print out flyers of the animals available. Just print out a couple and pin them to community bulletin boards at work, pet stores, vet offices, and supermarkets.

3.     Donate extra supplies. Old towels, blankets, cages, and toys are great. If you can swing it, how about picking up an extra pack of puppy pads or paper towels the next time you're out shopping?

4.     Dog walkers. Many of the people who foster have multiple animals and could use the help. The dogs also get socialized with other people. It’s a win-win situation.

5.     Fostering. This one seems scary but is most rewarding. For every animal that is fostered it saves a life. Opening your home to a homeless animal is the best feeling. These animals have had a rough past and appreciate the love and care you can give them.

So now you have no excuse. Go out there and help out an animal rescue or shelter.