Friday, November 14, 2014

Foster Dogs

Hello Everyone,

Lately I've been fostering dogs for Animal Education and Rescue. 
I've had two Italian Greyhound mixes and they've both been wonderful dogs. They both were adopted pretty quickly. 

I've learned many things these past few weeks. It's very hard to let a foster dog go. You pour your love and time into them so they start acting like a real dog only to have to give them up. What I keep having to remind myself is that it's about the dog. Not me. For every dog I foster saves a dog's life. If there are no open foster homes the dogs don't get pulled. Our rescue combs through the applications and calls references so I know they will have a great home. 

Here is some of the PR that I made for the fosters. 

This is Chloe.

Daisy decided she wanted Movie Trailers.


  1. Bonnie,
    That's amazing how you share your heart with these little creatures. I know they're better off for having known you, and felt your love.
    I enjoy reading about them, and their exploits.
    My Mama taught me to love animals when I was just a little girl and it's wonderful what you're doing for them.
    I'll bet she's smiling down from heaven right now just knowing I found a friend like you to hang out with.

  2. Oh, we tried to foster, but our baby girl (four legged) isn't so great about sharing her home space. She managed it when we rescued a Boston Terrier (and her human) for a few months, but it wasn't easy.

    I'm so glad there are people out there like you, Bonnie. That counter balance the horrible people who hurt, neglect and abuse these wonderful, loving creatures.